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Seguin Children’s Dentistry specializes in treating infants, school age children, toddlers, and teens. Our goal is to help each patient develop good oral hygiene practices from a young age and maintain their dental health throughout their lives by instilling healthy, lifelong dental habits for patients based on early life dental visits.

Dr. Velez recognizes that parents know their children best. He is an attentive listener and works with parents to obtain the best outcome for the patient’s oral healthcare.

Patients under the age of five, special needs patients, and those with a higher level of anxiety have a more positive visit if their appointments are in the morning when they are more receptive to new experiences and instructions. Appointments later in the day are generally reserved for older patients who have more commitments and activities. Additionally,  we often group appointments based on age since children typically benefit from contact with peers. For example, younger patients are comforted by seeing children of the same age in the office, and the same is true for adolescents.

We encourage parents to accompany their children in the treatment area during their dental visits. The majority of older children and adolescents benefit from independent visits, as this allows open and private communication between the patient and the dental staff about how smoking, eating disorders, and drug use can affect the mouth.

Our goal is to help your child transition to an adult that routinely and comfortably seeks dental care. Dr. Velez and his staff customize each child’s visit by carefully assessing the patient’s behavior and comfort level during the appointment. Depending on the patient, we may take extra time with your child, create diversions through our child-friendly amenities, or, when appropriate, obtain parental consent to administer sedatives. 

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